Design Your Personalised Lanyards

What Design Can You Have On Your Personalised Lanyard?


Personalised lanyards are not just functional accessories; they’re a clean canvas for creativity. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, showcase your style or make a statement, Cardhero has got your back!

Here are some creative possibilities of what designs you can have.


Customised Lanyard Designs


Customisation is key when it comes to personalised lanyards. From company logos to intricate patterns, the design options are limitless. Customised lanyard designs allow organisations to showcase their brand identity while individuals can express their personality and style through graphics, colours and textures.




Branding is essential for businesses, and personalised lanyards offer an excellent opportunity to show off your brand identity. By incorporating company logos, or taglines into the design, organisations can increase brand visibility and recognition wherever the lanyards are worn.


Logos are the basis of brand identity and including them in your design is a powerful branding strategy. By using personalised lanyards with tailored logo designs, organisations can strengthen brand recognition and create a cohesive brand image.


Customised Graphic Lanyards


Graphic personalised lanyards are an eye-opening visual, and your brand is sure to be recognised and catch the eyes of others. Incorporate vibrant graphics, patterns, typography or illustrations for either a bold statement or a subtle motif.


Personalised Theme Lanyard Designs


Themed personalised lanyards offer more possibility for a fun and creative look. They’re an engaging way to celebrate special occasions, holidays or corporate events. Whether it’s a seasonal motif, a themed pattern or a commemorative design, personalised lanyards add a touch of festivity and excitement to any occasion.


In conclusion, there are many design options and possibilities for personalised lanyards, they’re diverse and limitless as the imagination. Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, express your branding and personality or commemorate a special event, there’s a design option to suit your need.


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