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Event passes are important because they grant you and your visitors access to specific events or venues. They serve as a ticket or entry pass that allows you to participate in activities, a, conferences, or any kind of gathering. Without an event pass, you or your customers may be denied entry or have limited access to certain areas or experiences. Make sure your prepared. Enquire today and we can send you more information about what we can do for you and your event.

Options to best suit your needs



Each event pass is designed to your needs. The top section of the card is pre-printed with your information, logo and sponsorships (etc). Whilst the bottom section is specifically for your visitor’s individual details.

Why not include a map or event details on the back? Anything you require, just ask.

With several different sizes and specifications, take a look at the classic event page and find out more.

A high-resolution event pass that can be printed on a variety of materials such as recycled PCV, plastic, wood
and metal. We don't need to pre-print this card; its all done in one print.

Like the Classic this is fully personalised on the front and back and includes specific data you want for each visitor.

1440DPI Sharp with photorealistic quality
and the option of RFID encoding for extra security.